Duck Dynasty visits the Big Island

Kassie Kometani, Rachel Vujovich, Reporters

A unique opportunity arose for students when Big Island Film contacted Kohala High School. John Mason, Big Island Film commissioner, wanted to have a group of students come down to the Hilton Waikoloa where the popular reality TV show Duck Dynasty had been filming for the past few weeks. He hoped to have students observe a live taping of the show. But that was not possible as the crew and cast members were packing up to leave the island that day.

Students, however, were able to go down and talk with the Duck Dynasty line producer Anahit Karamanukyan. Anahit gave a great range of advice to the students. She talked about how important it was to make a good impression at interviews and to always thank the interviewer for his/her time. Anahit also stressed the importance of  being kind to everyone you work with. Any good connections you make along the way will benefit you in the future. She gave examples of applying for jobs and needing a recommendation. People that Anahit had worked with and had made good connections with were able to give glowing reviews to her employers.

Anahit’s role on the show Duck Dynasty is line production.  Line producers manage the day-to-day operations pertaining to the show.  The name “line producer” comes from the phrase “being on the line,” which basically means that Anahit supports the director’s vision for the show, but doesn’t directly influence the creative basis of the show.

The TV show Duck Dynasty , which airs on A&E, is about the success of a “redneck” family’s duck call business.  The show features a Louisiana family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle.

Duck Dynasty is back for its third season as they follow the lives of this hilarious family. From their wholesome values to their wacky antics, this is a show that would be one to see.