Class of 2011 Project Grad well on track

Karen Ramos

This year’s Kohala High School Senior Class of 2011 will be continuing the tradition of participating in Project Grad  on the night of graduation, May 21, 2011

Project Grad is an all night celebration after graduation that consists of games, activities, entertainment, music, food, give aways, and prizes. It is also the last time for the Class of 2011 to bond with their class, as a whole, until reunion.

The Project Grad program is designed to ensure a safe and fun evening for graduated seniors by prohibiting alcohol and drugs. Many Hawaii high schools have chosen to participate in tis program. Chaperones watch over the premises to ensure that students are obeying rules and being protected by any “party-crashers.”

Graduation night is an important step in all high schooler’s lives and too many lives have been wasted away because of recklessness and care-free attitudes that students possess after recieving their diplomas. Project Grad is organized so that all members of the graduating class stay in one designated area together to spend time together and confirm that students won’t be out getting into trouble or worse.

With generous contributors in the Kohala community, funds are being raised through parent support, donation from local businesses, sponsors, and fundraisers held by the senior class such as car washes, bake sales, ticket sales, etc. Any donations to the senior class is greatly appreciated.