Fit Club Helps Kohala Stay Fit

Yuki Zbytovsky, Reporter

At the beginning of March 2011 Kohala’s Beachbody coaches started helping the people of Kohala stay in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle by creating a fitness club. The club is active every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Mondays at the Kohala Inter-generational Center and Wednesdays in Hisaoka Gym at Kamehameha Park. The hosts, Ross Pagat, Jentzen Valenzuela, and Delsen Soares express their goal and purpose of this program as “Beachbody Coaches who are helping people lead a healthy life through many fitness programs.”

Using fitness techniques such as p90x, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in Six, Les Mills Combat, Les Mills Pump, Turbo Jam, and Turbo Fire to fuel their fitness routines, the people part of the Fit Club are definitely making progress towards their goals. Although this is a smaller program, many students from Kohala High School participate in this to try to get healthy. Some of these students include Isabel Steinhoff, Jocelyn Campollo, Kawehi Heinicke, Leesha Villacorte, Brittany Kanoa, and Breea Souza. Not only are the students participating, but some teachers of Kohala are also enrolled in the fitness program. These fitness seekers include Mrs. Ito, Ms. Pasalo, and many others.

After speaking with Jocelyn, she expresses that “the fit club is so much fun but you get a great workout. So many people go and I also think I got closer to every one  who I exersize with.” Obviously, Kohala’s fit club is helping its citizens get in shape and have fun while doing it. The program is growing more and more as people realize this, and maybe one day it will grow into something that will help all of Kohala to get back into shape.