Students Awarded for Academic Excellence

Students performing well in their classes does not go unnoticed at Kohala High. At the Academic Awards Assembly the school recognized the top 5 students with the highest grade point average in each class. Almost every top student was currently holding a 4.0 GPA and each was awarded with a certificate and a medal for their achievements.  Sophomores were acknowledged for successfully completing the HSA with a score of 300 or higher which helped Kohala High School meet the AYP standards for the 2013 year. The assembly also included recognition of the various clubs such as Drama, National Honor Society, and Speech Club. Students who completed the Winter Financial Literacy Class with the Credit Union received a certificate too, as well as the 5 seniors voted for the various Salute to Graduates award categories for Kohala High School. The assembly was a great way to showcase the various achievements of students. Hopefully it will encourage all students to work hard and exceed expectations.