Building and Construction Students Win Big

Skyler Marcom-Robinson and Robert Navarro represented Kohala High extremely well at the the Island-wide Construction Face Off in Hilo on May 4th. So well in fact, that they took first and second place! The competition consisted of nailing and pulling, transit layout, construction math, constructing a small building, and joint construction. Both boys worked hard to prepare for the competition in class by doing things such as studying blueprints and layouts. Skyler, who took first was surprised to win despite the fact that they had only half the time to prepare for the competition as the other high schools. Robert also commented that the small building they built together was the only one with the correct measurements. Way to go boys! The time limits for each section of the competitions were a challenge for the two boys but they were able to stick it out. Their instructor Mr. Randy Reid was extremely proud of their performance. Mr. Reid is the teacher of the popular building and construction class at Kohala High School, other wise known as the BC class. In the class students learn how to measure, cut, nail, and construct different pieces of carpentry. Skyler and Robert look forward to competing in future constructions competitions and showing their Cowboy pride!