Back to school traffic even in Kohala

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

When you think of the first day of school, the last thing on your mind would be worrying about traffic.

For many years, Kohala’s police officers have been directing traffic at the school intersection.  They would show up around 7:45am in their uniform, with their hat, white gloves, and whistle ready to take on the impatient parents and students.

Sometimes it may not seem like the officer is making a difference, but he does really help with “the flow” of traffic.  You know he does a good job when the same amount of cars going into the school equals the amount coming out.

This school year “first day” traffic was seen at its worst! Traffic was backed up all the way from the new self-help housing coming from Hawi and backed up past Kynnersly coming from Kapa`au.  It was insane!  Part of the problem was probably because the “loading area” in front of the kindergarten was recently blocked off.

At school, everyone seemed to take notice of the crazy traffic.

Let’s hope the traffic gets better!