Seniors last first day!

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

It’s the last first day of high school for all these seniors. As the school year finally starts off, many students are excited but some are still dreading the fact that summer is over.

Senior Geronimo Boyle said, “The first day of school was really typical. There were all the same boring things as usual.” He said that the classes he’s taking this year will be more challenging, but they will also help him gain discipline for life after high school.

Boyle said that he’s excited about the school year and that it’s nice to get all his first choice classes. He’s excited to graduate but he’s not in a rush. He’s hoping that the advanced guidance class will help him figure out where he wants to go to college and what to study. Something he’s really excited for this year is the Learning Abroad trip to the British Isles that he’s going on during this school year.

Even though Boyle is excited about many things for his senior year, there are also a few things that he isn’t excited about. First, simply homework. Boyle said that he’s definitely not excited about that, and you can’t blame him! Who would be? Another thing is PTP; he said that he stressed on it his past years and is not looking forward to it this year.

Every student has different opinions or attitudes about their first day of school. Whether they love it or hate it, they all still have to be there! So good luck to all the students and teachers. Let’s all hope for a wonderful school year!