Senior Wills

I, Efrelyn Abellera “Snooki”, do hereby leave my brother my car & parking sticker. I leave my 4th period class all our crazy convos and memories. I leave the underclassmen my partying skills & Joshy my pimping skills. I leave my study skills to my youngest brother. I love everyone!

I, Kealohi AhSing, do hereby leave Kawehi Heinicke hula skills. Don’t give up ‘cause you’re a good dancer & it’s in your blood.

I, Tahjra Alcoran, do hereby leave my leadership, team spirit, #21 and Toy Story 3 names to this year’s girls varsity basketball team. To the softball girls, I leave my love for the game, cheers, and #6. I leave Jordelle my music, Riyuuu my brain, Elmoisa and Chealse RPB/RPG, Hauoli #11 and catcher’s spot and Jocelyn my confidence to be the best

I, Krystal Aleta, do hereby leave my never ending friendship to D.J., my warm hugs to Kulia, all the girls to Riah that’ll be his date to Winterball, my good looks to Efren, Rael, and Devin, my compliments of nice hair to “D”. And all the ragin parties to Sharisse guys.

I, Julyne Antonio, do hereby leave my leadership skills to Kristine for you will need it. And everything else to my sisters, Jovi & Jordelle.

I, Jerome Adina Arellano, do hereby leave the future for the upcoming freshmen, my gratitude to all the teachers, staff, and faculty for their efforts to brighten the community, and to give some of my knowledge and my parking space to my brother Jayvimar.

I, Tamilyn Badua-Stevens, do hereby leave all the awesome Twilight & Harry Potter moments for Ms. J. Brown to cherish forever J I leave the great van rides and my Twilight trivia skills to Jenna and Daryl. And my procrastination regrets to all the underclassmen- don’t procrastinate, you will regret it. Ok. Bye!

I, Teyja Balgas, do hereby leave my sister Brittany my kindness & happy attitude towards others, my brother Gary my positive attitude towards school & school work. (3 more years, YOU CAN DO IT!) My lower classmen friends my love, I will miss you all! And the great memories I shared with some teachers. You guys made the years pass by more quickly. Thanks!

I, Kodi Cabulizan-Aros, do hereby leave the weight room to Travis Kawai.

I, Katherine Campollo, do hereby leave the varsity girls basketball team the courage, faith, and strength to make it to states next year. Have fun but work hard. Make me, Tita, Marygold, Coach Brad, & Coach Dale proud next year. Next year’s varsity captains, I hereby leave you the leadership skills to run the team and lead them to victory. I’m going to miss you girls so much

I, Hoku Cazimero, do hereby leave Weston smarts and encouragement to do well in school. The softball and volleyball team luck. Hauoli a plate lunch after the game. Sheana the memories of being a trouble maker. Kani the will to do good in school.

I, Dustin Ching, do hereby leave Haruto Fuertes my pretty boi swag and hunting the big boaz wit da boiz.

I, Jordan Ching, do hereby leave my humbleness to the athletic squads. And to all the up and coming Ching boiz, KEEP IT COUNTRY!

I, Micah Ching, do hereby leave my hunting skills to Kanaloa Black and Edgar “BuBu” Bruno.

I, Tyler Coakley, do hereby leave D….. 1….. ounce….. of….. brains cuz he no moa.

I, Ola Dela Cruz, do hereby leave the future of the Kohala High Robotics team in the hands of its current and upcoming members. Also, lunch table #4 to Mikey. “Nah, jus joking.”

I, Felicia Dominici, do hereby leave my respect and appreciation to my previous teachers and to the KHS staff and I leave my intelligence and school spirit to the upcoming freshmen.

I, Erik Estabilio, do hereby leave Devereaux Aiona with my dougie. I also would like to leave Shawn Estabilio with my athletic ability and cool, smooth personality.

I, Chezerae Fernandez, do hereby leave my time management skills & snacks to Casey Utemei. My wonderful brain to Haruto and Mana, you guys will need it! Delani, I give you all my yearbook editing skills, good luck! I also leave a box of forks to the office aunties, thanks for letting me have one and last but not least to the underclassmen I leave my luck, hang in there!

I, Casiandra Furukado, do hereby leave Calsie and CJ our great memories volunteering for Relay For Life.

I, Jonathan Hiraoka, do hereby leave Sarisse my unconditional love.

I, Caleb Javillo, do hereby leave Kyleigh Yoneda my parking spot under the tree.

I, Alysha Kaholoa’a-Salis, do hereby leave my laughter to Jenna Nickl J and maybe some chill pills for you, cause you’re always so busy. To Zemo, Rael, and Efren I leave you my faith to one day realize you are a bunch of kooks. And to my cousin Kala’I, I leave you my intelligence to do good in everything you do.

I, Brooke Kise, do hereby leave Jocelyn: my #4 jerseys in volleyball and softball. Doggie and A-dong: my sassy girl skills. Popo: my smartness. Casey: gas money for all the rides you’ve given me. Chyler: my mom (keep her busy, she’s gonna miss me!) All the students of Kohala High School: memorable H.S. years!

I, Randen Kuikahi-Tagaca, do hereby leave this saying: “Enjoy everything you do in school and get involved with everything because once you leave high school it’s all going to get harder. So make the most out of it all while you can.

I, Kelson Kalei Kupukaa, do hereby leave my knowledge to the football and golf team no matter how bad the score is or how much you guys are winning by, just remember no matter what the score ism keep your heads up high. Win or lose, you guys are still champions at heart. This goes to all sports of Kohala High School.

I, Kapoe Lewis, do hereby leave my brothers Braddah and Kaimi my wisdom and knowledge. May you make good decisions and graduate on time. Hauoli, I leave you my softball skills may it take you to a BIIF championship. Jocee, I leave you the “That’s what she said” bands, cherish it forever. To the whole “SOLOMON” tribe, I leave you the right to roam the school together and to always have each others backs!!

I, Guy Medeiros, do hereby leave Ikaika Castro my . . . IDK!!!

I, Mary Josephine Osorio, do hereby leave Justin Meikle & Madrone Goldman to lead the cross-country tram next year.

I, Darling Dhale Orencillo, do hereby leave my intelligence to the undergraduates especially to the flilipino crew. Also I want to leave the microwave at Mrs. Brown’s room =) My loudness & craziness and position to NHS.

I, Reggie Lewis Ubilas Padillo, do hereby leave my surfing skills and humbleness to Riah so in the future we can achieve greatness.

I, J-Mart Ramos, do hereby leave my height to Haruto.

I, Karen Ramos, do hereby leave Kelly my parking spot, all the rides to games 😉 and my beauty and brains. I leave Jeremiah all my smiles that can bring out a room J and rides to tutoring. My eating partner, Casey, food for were always eating. Kulia, all my hugs! Jenna-lyn my president spot for your class- Do not procrastinate!! Haha. And to all the Kohala High Students great memories throughout the past years!!

I, Edward Rivera, do hereby leave my art work in Ms. Hoy’s class room.

I, Summer Roquemore, do hereby leave Casey all of the random opera songs we made up. D.J. my Rodney Jr. Kalai my robot voice for presentations and Kamalani all the random Harry Potter quotes during Spanish.

I, Marygold Salvador, do hereby leave my smartness to my brother Michael. And to the varsity girls basketball, #32, whoever has that jersey must be confident and be strong physically and mentally

I, Jannell Saragosa, do hereby leave my knowledge to my cousin Michael, the morning bulletin announcements to Casey and C.J. the crispy teri chicken recipe to Duke…. “LOL just kidding.”

I, Isaiah K. Smith-Medeiros, do hereby leave next year’s Ag class with Adriel Robitaille all my blood, sweat, and tears in both gardens, our class for the last 2 years did our best & we hope that they will continue working to bring AG back for it would be a shame if it didn’t.

I, Silas Sniffen-Stokes, do hereby leave my old life and start my new one.

I, Wyatt Souza, do hereby leave the Twilight front seat to Delani & Jenna. To Casey I leave her my love, for being the best wife ever. To all Zemo, Devin, & Efren guys, I leave you my humor and intelligence in hopes you will all become the next “master.” To my sisters I leave with my craziness. And to all Makani guys, I leave you silence in the hallways. For you no longer yell out my name everytime you see me.

I, Roberto Ventura, do hereby leave my swag to Devin, Oana, Cadiente, and my hot pockets to Zemo.

I, Nainoa Victor-Kailianu, do hereby leave my memories to the underclassmen and women.

I, James Werner III, do hereby leave my support for all the athletics especially for the tennis team: Andrew Trump, Dylan Snelling, and Daryl Diaz, to try your best and give it your all for your upcoming games.