Kohala Learning Abroad

Kohala Learning Abroad

The initial Kohala Learning Abroad group.

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

Kohala Learning Abroad was started by Jessica Brown in 2012, when she took a small group of Kohala High school students to England with EF Tours. This coming up year she is going on another trip with a large group of 18 students and along with them, their 4 chaperons. The students are consisted of all juniors and seniors, I myself, being one of them.

They’re going to get to experience the beautiful and historical British Isles (Ireland, Scotland and England). The trip sign up was closed around spring of this year. Which gave students around a year to fundraiser and prepare for the trip.

Many of the students on the trip have never been to another country before while other have never left the island! Simply having this opportunity to experience new cultures while they’re still young, with a bunch of their friends, is a once in a lifetime chance for every one of these students.

All the students going on the trip are required to go to classes every other Sunday, where they learn about the history of places they’re going to and the cultures they’ll run into. They also have in school meetings first recess every other Tuesday. Each student will receive a full additional elective credit for the class.

The students on the trip do fundraisers often. Their main fundraisers so far have been their t-shirt sales, car washes and banzai cards. They are also going to be starting outdoor movie nights on fridays at Kohala High school public parking lot. This SUNDAY AUG. 25 they are having a CAR WASH at Kohala Town Center from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Please come to support these students who are working hard to attend this trip of a lifetime!

If you would like to help donate and support these students by donations, you can go to the rally site and do so. We greatly appreciate any donations! https://rally.org/kohalalearningabroad