It’s Class Bonding Time!

It’s that time again, class bonding!  The first class to have their bonding were the juniors, class of 2015.  They attended their bonding on Monday, August 12, during school.  The STUCO officers and senior class officers, along with a little help from teachers, hosted the event.  The students were driven over by 21st Century vans to the Hisaoka Gym at Kamehameha Park. Their day consisted of bonding activities, such as trust building, fun indoor games, and great company!

The sophomore class had their bonding this past Monday, August 19 and the freshman class will have theirs Monday, August 26.

Kohala High has invited many new students this year.  Melina Van Zandt is amongst the few that started this year and a new face to the junior class.  Last year she attended Konawaena High School.

When asked what she thought about the class bonding as a whole, she said “I thought it was fun and I liked the activities, but there were some empty spaces in the schedule. It was interesting, I’ve never been to a class bonding before but it was fun and everyone was really nice.”  Her favorite activities were the basketball and the five-legged race.  Although she didn’t enjoy when we had to think of class fundraisers. At the end of the day, she felt more bonded with junior class than her first day.

Class bonding went well for the junior class!