See You Later Rain!

Denae Rivera, Reporter

This past weekend started off with cloudy skies and pouring rain. If you’re like me, that means staying in bed all day cuddling up with a blanket and pillows enjoying a relaxing nap! If you’re one of those people that hates the rain, youʻll do anything to get away from it and go hang out with friends at the beach. But knowing people in general, you were all probably thinking, “Oh gosh; itʻs gonna be raining all weekend; that just ruined my plans.”

FALSE statement! Out of no where on Saturday morning the sun was out peeking through the trees saying “Hello world! Iʻm back!” with the blue skies screaming for attention. The heat was scorching, the beach calling our names, and the stores waiting for the hungry souls to barge in and grab food. A rainy gloomy atmosphere suddenly turned into a beautiful day in Hawaii Nei! It was really a shock because it happened so suddenly, but thank the lord it did!