Kamehameha Park Pool Closed

Kassie Kometani, Editor

The month of August is a busy one for the Kamehameha Park pool. Novice swimming season is just getting started with the large team of kids practicing every afternoon at the pool. Kohala’s USA swimming team also practices diligently there every day. The recent hot weather has also prompted community members to come to the pool for recreational swim. But over the course of a few days, the pool’s pump slowly broke down. It started to become noticeable with the murky water and poor filtration. Then finally last Thursday lifeguard Jeff Coakley showed up for work to find a broken pump.

“I saw it coming,” said Coakley. He noticed the signs and became worried for how long the pump would continue to last. It was not a big surprise to him when the pump stopped working.

“Now Iʻm worried about my swimmers. They have no pool to train in and it is unknown when it will reopen,” states Coakley, who is also the coach of both swim teams. His swimmers are losing valuable training time at a crucial point in the season. For now, they will focus their time on dry land workouts and anxiously await the reopening of the pool.

County electricians have been alerted and are expected to come to the pool later this week to diagnose the problem.