Star Wars: Battlefield 3 coming soon!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Attention Nerds! The sequel to the most glamorous and famous video game in the Star Wars Franchise, “Star Wars: Battlefront” was confirmed through an investor’s call with EA headquarters, said to be released within the Summer of 2015.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Star Wars: Battlefront Franchise, it was a well played game by many Star Wars fans around the world. BattleFront I & II was a 3rd person shooter that mainly relied on cooperation, whether if it was playing with your friends or playing against them.

A gameplay in both Battlefronts involves two teams (Usually Empire vs Rebels or Republic vs CIS) playing on a terrain of your choice which verifies in many possible planets. These each team has a variety of classes to choose from on your liking; whether it’s Assault, Heavy Artillery, Sniper, and Engineer/medic. These gameplays objectives also verifies on your choice, in both Battlefronts you can play on galactic conquest which involves taking all the bases in the terrain until you have them all or until all enemy infantry is eliminated. In Battlefront II there is even more choices like Capture the flag and Hunt, which involves depleting all enemies.

The first Battlefront was made in 2004 and Battlefront II was made in 2005, both by Pandemic Studios and authorized by Lucas Arts. After nearly 8 years from the other predecessors, confirmation of the new game Battlefront III  was given, saying that the new game is going to be released around the same time as the new Star Wars movie, evening giving a brief teaser on Youtube. The new game is being developed by another programming company called DICE, creators of the other popular game Battlefield, saying they hope to improve from the other past two games.