Cowgirls Represent Kohala in Softball Tournament


Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

Tomiko RBITwo of our own Kohala High School students, Kadence Coito and Ashlyn Van Zandt, represented Hawaiʻi’s RBI (Reviving Baseball Inner-cities) team in Anaheim, California this past summer and Minnesota the other week. They played for a team called Hawaii Nobu Yamauchi coached by Tracy Miyashiro, Fred Entilla, Soloman Thomas and Creg Camello. The team consisted of players from all over the Big Island.

They started off playing in a West Regional tournament in Anaheim. There were 3 teams that played each other twice. The two teams with the best record played on the championship game with Hawaii being one of them winning a game against a team named Anaheim by 11-1.

Since Hawaiʻi won, they advanced to world series which was held in Minnesota. There were six other teams, two pools and four teams in each pool. Unfortunately they did not make it to the championship game. It was between Atlanta and Houston with Atlanta winning 4-3.

It wasn’t only all about softball. In Anaheim , they went to Disneyland. It was an all girls team so they did fit in some shopping! Van Zandt says,  “It was fun! I loved the shopping, there was no tax in Minnesota and everything was cheap!” Overall, they both enjoyed their trip.