Josiah “Ironman” Adams


Josiah Adams

Ricky Ching, Reporter

This week’s student spotlight is on junior, Josiah Adams.  Mr. Adams is a running Fanatic.  He is a part of, and a huge factor for, Kohala’s Cross-Country team.  In the 2012 season he was ranked 5th on the Big Island, and represented Kohala at BIIFs,  and did a phenomenal job, coming in 44 out of 120 runners.  Josiah had said that no one believed that he could go to states, besides him and his father.  His father has a lot of faith in him and motivates him to do the best and be the best that he can be.

His favorite part of Cross-Country is feeling all that pain once you have completed that intense 3 mile long course.  He says he gets this “running high” when he runs.  This 2013 season Josiah has a lot of work cut out for him, but his strategy is going to be picking off his opponents one by one, and slowly climb up the leader board.  Mr. Adams states “I wanna beat Tony Conners,” who is his nemesis and ranked 1st on the Island.  In order to do this he insists that he has to train hard, pray, and have faith in himself.

Josiah Adams’ word of advice to all of the people and runners out there is, ” you might not always get recognized for your hard work, it might suck, but if you manage to stick with running and aim high, you just might surprise yourself and the people around you.”