Different School Times?

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Iʻm pretty sure Iʻm not the only one getting annoyed with morning traffic. Itʻs getting to the point where people want our schools to start at different times. Personally I agree.

Around 7:30am the cars start rolling in in front of the school, kids waiting in their cars, and parents struggling to get out of the busy area. Since the elementary, middle, and high school all start at colliding times it makes getting to school a bit harder for everyone.

In my opinion, high school should start at nine oʻclock in the morning and end at three in the afternoon; that way there wonʻt be as many cars crowding the high school/elementary intersection. An average of  70 kids in the freshmen class brings more cars, more traffic, and more rushing. Starting later would benefit  us high schoolers in a dramatic way.

For those of us who play sports especially, mainly because some of the sports here practice pretty late and when there are games we sometimes get back to Kohala late in the evening. Staring school at 9:00 A.M. would easily let us get more sleep, and more sleep means more focus in school. Think about it and let that idea sink in a little. Teens need rest too!