Teen Titans Go!

Shawn Estabilio, Reporter

The Teen Titans that we grew up watching have returned! That’s right; you read right. Teen Titans have returned to Cartoon Network for a whole new series.

“Teen Titans Go!” is an animated show on Cartoon Network that is based on the original “Teen Titans” show that premiered back in 2003. The series was revived due to significant popularity with the “New Teen Titans” mini episodes on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation segment.

“Teen Titans Go!” varies from the previous show in a few aspects. One of those is the new animation style. It isn’t in the western Anime style that the old show was. It’s animation is more similar to the usual shows Cartoon Network sports, such as “Regular Show” and “Adventure Time.”

Another aspect that is different is that the show isn’t a serious cartoon. It has been revamped into a comedic spin-off. There is almost no continuity of the first show, making the new show it’s own independent storyline in some ways. The show primarily focuses on what happens when the heroes aren’t fighting crime. Things like Robin having to take his driver’s test after crashing the Batmobile, or the Titans building a retirement home for the elderly.

Critics are mixed about “Teen Titans Go!” Many praise it for being hilarious and welcoming to a new generation of kids. IGN gave the show a 7.8 out of 10, stating “DC Nation revamps the beloved Teen Titans series for a new generation — with pretty fun results.”

Others are not very fond of the new Titans. Slant Magazine gave the show 2 out of 4 stars, stating “If not for the actors, whose talents can’t save this lackluster material, Teen Titans Go would offer little to even the most ardent Titans nostalgists and completists.”

But don’t let these critics sway your opinions. Turn on your TV and watch the show yourself! See for yourself whether you like “Teen Titans Go!”.