Student Spotlight – Gabriella “Ella” Boyle

Student Spotlight - Gabriella

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Introducing one of this year’s freshmen is Gabriella Boyle.  She is known as Ella and its what she prefers. Geronimo Boyle, senior, and Genevieve Boyle, junior, are her siblings that also attend Kohala High.

When asked about her high school experience so far she said, “it has been pretty good.  She’s been getting more familiar with the campus and teachers.  It’s just different how grades are in high school compared to middle school.” Her favorite thing about high school so far is that she gets to be with her older friends and that she enjoys most of her classes. She enjoys biology and math because she likes the teachers and the classes are fun.  She found it difficult learning and getting used to the bell schedule and campus, as well as being in mixed grade classes. The things she misses about middle school are how it was smaller and that her class was able to bond more.

Ella loves soccer and has played ever since she was little.  Getting to play high school soccer for the first time is the main thing she’s looking forward to this year.  Good luck Ella with the rest of high school, it goes by fast!