12th Doctor announced!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

After countless weeks of anticipation and impatience, the actor for the 12th Doctor was announced by BBC News on August 4, 2013. Peter Capaldi, 55 year old actor, is known for playing Malcolm Tucker in the show The Thick of it from BBC.

For those who do not know the show, Doctor Who is a British Science Fiction series that involves an alien called The Doctor that travels through space and time in his ship that is shaped like a Police phone booth. In the show, due to it’s long run, there have been many actors that played the protagonist. This is described in the show saying that whenever the Doctor is dying, he is regenerating his entire appearance.

The famous British 50 year old show, Doctor Who, will be airing it’s new additional actor in the upcoming 2013 Christmas special, as well as the leave of former Doctor actor, Matt Smith. Because of such news, Doctor Who fans have been raving debates on both sides if Peter Capaldi is fit to play the Doctor. As a well known actor in the BBC, his reputation gave him a great amount of support from fans. Even Steven Moffat, current Writer of Doctor Who, said that “Peter Capaldi was our ideal for the 12th Doctor”.

However, most people are saying that Peter Capaldi doesn’t fit the modern day Doctor due to his age. Most people forget that the first Doctor, William Hartnell (1963-1966), was 55 when first starting off in the show. Others also feel that it Peter playing the new Doctor may cause confusion, do to the fact that he has already played a character in the Doctor who episode Fires of Pompeii. Peter Capaldi was also another character in the show Torchwood, which is part of the Doctor Who franchise. This resembles to Colin Baker who played the 6th Doctor (1984-1986), but originally played another character from Doctor Who before he played the Doctor like Peter Capaldi. We won’t expect Peter Capaldi’s performance as the Doctor until the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.