Miley Cyrus Gone CRAZY!

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

Miley Cyrus, known for being a Disney star on Hannah Montana, has gone a little crazy trying to prove sheʻs not that little innocent girl anymore. Her performance on the 2013 VMAʻs is the talk of the town. During her song she twerked, stripped, and stroked Robin Thicke‘s private parts with a No. 1 foam finger. Her performance was extremely embarrassing to her family and her fiance Liam Hemsworth. It seems like Miley was trying to get out of the Hannah Montana runt but went a little overboard. A while back before this big event there was a video of her smoking a bong. This to many people was just “the start” of her big change. Miley needs HELP! The girl has gone way too far and is making herself look like a fool. She’s done too much and she just CAN’T STOP! When she really needs to stop! She’s turned her lovable personality into a big ol’ Wrecking Ball! She’s just a poor young girl whose life as a movie star has taken over her morality and sanity… R.I.P. to the Miley we once all knew.