Senior Spotlight for Volleyball

Mohala Kaholoa'a-Kumukoa, reporter

This yearʻs Volleyball season has started well. We have won two games and lost three. But we are actually is 2-1 because Division One doesn’t count for us. So I came up with an idea to ask some of my senior classmates to answer some questions I had for them. I want to know how they feel about their last year. The question is, how you feel about our first and last game.What would you want to achieve as a team and personally?

Katy Rix: Our first game went really well. I think everyone hopes to win their first game. But our last game we recently had, was actually a very close game. We all pushed our hardest to bring home the win. But all our supporters knew we played our hardest now.

Tihani Anakalea: Our first game went really well , Kohala won in three set against East Pac.The last game we had against Hilo. Even though we lost, we tired our hardest and really pushed. None of our heads were down and had a great attitude.

Jocelyn Campollo: As team I would like everyone to work together, stay as one throughout the whole season and never give up even if we lose games. Personally I would love to make it to the championship game, It’s my senior year and I want to go all the way. We’ve been trying so hard since my freshmen year and now that I’m a senior I want it so bad.

Hauoli Sproat-Lancaster: For me our first game was a tripping point to see how everyone will look at us as a team. The first game was a really good outcome because we played hard and got the win. It’s also helped us as a whole to see what we need to work on to better us as a team. Our home game was against Hilo High and they are a really tough team. They beat us in 3 sets. It’s was really hard for us because they are the top team on the island, especially in division one. As a team I hope to become one meaning that everyone plays together, communicates together, has fun together, and wins together.

We never want to give up no matter what team we play. Weʻre going to play our hearts out our last year as a Cowgirls, win or lose weʻre a team; we stay together and keep our heads held high. We know that weʻre giving 100% every game and practice.