Skateboarding Law in Action

Ricky Ching, Reporter

As a resident of Kohala I myself skate with my friends or just skate to get from place to place.  There was no problem with skating on the sidewalks, but now that there are a lot of new cops around, the skateboarding law has to be enforced.

Most people know what skateboarding is, but few people are aware of the skateboarding laws in their area or that they even exist.  Both skateboarders and residents should learn about the law not only to avoid potential harm or injury to themselves and others, but to avoid fines and other penalties.

People in Kohala use skateboards for a variety of reasons, including for recreational purposes, or as a way of transportation, or as an sport.

Skateboarding laws are regulated by state and local ordinances, typically within a jurisdictionʻs health & safety code or state traffic laws.  They vary from state to state and town to town.  However, the laws affecting skateboarders are often grouped together with laws affecting bicyclist, roller bladders, and other pedestrians, although some laws may target skateboarders specifically, such as local ordinances that prohibit skateboarding in bike lanes or on sidewalks.

If you are in violation of this law you will be fined between $40-$60.  But you will not get, and canʻt get, your skateboard or property confiscated from you.  For the state to confiscate your property there has to be special legislation or the item in question must be illegal to possess.  The only time they can confiscate something that it is legal to own is in the circumstance where special legislation allows.

To all Kohala skaters, stay off the road and be safe and careful at all times.