Elementary Deposit Day!

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Twice a month, Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union comes to the elementary and high school cafeteria to host a “deposit day” for the elementary students from 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock.  Two adult tellers along with two student tellers collect money from the young students and deposit it into their accounts.  The reason for starting these deposit days were to teach these youngins’ to start saving early. The kids get a “passbook” that record all the deposits they previously made and a little stamp card.  Once their stamp card is filled up, they receive a prize. The day they make their deposit, they also get to pick a small toy as a incentive for bringing in their money. These kids are on their way to BIG SAVINGS!

If you know anyone in the elementary who doesn’t have an account with the credit union, I would really recommend  they open one and start saving now!

High school students also have a chance to open a savings account with the Student Credit Union or just through the main branch itself.