New RoboCop movie!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Dead or alive, this movie is coming out! The Classic Syfi Action movie RoboCop is reported to have a 21st century remake. Director Jose Padilha released a Teaser Trailer in August, 2013, officially confirming it’s production. This idea of a RoboCop remake has been going on since 2008, but had to push it’s release date multiple times due to budgeting.

The original RoboCop was a 1987 film, starring Peter Weller as RoboCop, about a futuristic and corrupt Detroit that has a higher rate of crime. Needing high security, the Science Security Division of the Police Force constructs a cybernetic security officer from the corpse of loyal service Officer Alex Murphy.

Throughout the film, he must fight himself to rather obey the law or his sense of morality, as well as struggling with his intact human emotions and memories.

In the remake, it has been seen inside the trailer that Joel Kinnaman will be playing the new RoboCop. The plot of the movie will also be altered a bit, where Officer Alex Murphy is injured in an accident insteading of dying, and is rebuilt into part machine instead of fully.

The release date of the movie is said to be February 7, 2014 in America.