Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Katie Lambeth


Ms. Katie Lambeth

Kassie Kometani, Editor

Katie Lambeth is one of several teachers working through Teach For America now presiding at Kohala High School. She attended school at the University of Richmond and is new to Kohala after recently moving from Minnesota. Adapting to a rural town like Kohala was not a big shock to Ms. Lambeth as it reminds her of her own small hometown.

“I like it a lot so far. Everyone has been welcoming and very helpful to me. I like the small size of the school and that everyone knows each other,” said Ms. Lambeth after being asked of her initial experience at Kohala High School.

Along with teaching, Ms.Lambeth is contributing her extensive knowledge of dance by providing dance classes every week. She has been teaching weekly tap, jazz, and hip-hop classes at night in the school’s music room. They are about a hour and a half long and everyone is encouraged to come. Students are enjoying the classes as well as the exposure to the different styles of dance. Ms. Lambeth is also helping out with Kohala High’s Glee Club as a choreographer.

“I love the students and I hope to become a great teacher for them,” said Ms. Lambeth.

We wish Ms. Lambeth the best during her time at Kohala High.