New Year, New SCU

Kassie Kometani, Editor

The beginning of every school year brings the induction of new officers to Kohala High School’s Student Credit Union. The voting took place at the end of last year so the officers were prepared for their positions. The new President will be junior Kassie Kometani, Vice President will be junior Isabel Steinhoff, Secretary will be junior Josiah Adams, and Treasurer will be senior Koa Bartsch. New board members were also chosen for the 2013-2014 school year. Those seven spots went to Dylan Giron Arellano, Eloisa Viernes Obero, Mikaela Bartsch, Genevieve Boyle, Alexis Matundan, Yuki Zbytovsky, and Melanie Sahagun. Most of them are return participants of SCU while some are new faces.

The goal of the Student Credit Union, however, always remains the same. It is to bring financial services to students while giving them work experience and promoting the importance of thrift and savings. Through this program, students will learn important financial skills needed for their future.

Any Kohala High student can become a member of the SCU simply by opening an account.  By becoming a member, students can access opportunities such as the various community service projects held throughout the school year. Some include Christmas caroling at North Kohala Hospital and helping with the gardening program at the elementary school. Anyone who is a member is encouraged to come and help out with these volunteer projects. Times and dates of various events will be posted throughout the school year.