TeacherEase: Helpful of Stressful?

Kassie Kometani, Editor

For the past few years, Kohala High School has implemented an online grading system called TeacherEase where teachers can input their grades for multiple classes. These grades become visible to students and parents after they make an account with TeacherEase. It allows them to see all the posted assignments and homeworks that students are responsible for in each class. Parents and students can also view the score that they received for their assignments.

While this may seem like a great tool, some students question the helpfulness of it. If teachers do not input grades on a regular basis, students may have no idea of assignments they are missing. They may log into their account one day with a decent grade from 3 weeks ago, only to log on the next day after a teacher has done a lot of grading to find that their grade has dropped considerably. Students become very frustrated when this happens as it leaves them scrambling to either complete or make-up work. Parents only add to this frustration when they accost their child for having a low grade when the student was not even aware of it themselves.

I experienced a situation like this when my teacher failed (yes, failed) to input grades for over a month. I had no idea of the score I received on any of my tests, homeworks, or classwork. When I approached the teacher on the matter, they told me to go check TeacherEase! You can only imagine my frustration. Not knowing what your grade is can be a very stressful situation.

If TeacherEase is meant to keep parents and students updated, why aren’t teachers updating it? Some teachers do not input any grades at all. TeacherEase is meant to be an online resource where students can keep track of their assignments. The only way it works is if teachers update it regularly.  By doing this, it will eliminate stress and frustration for those students who are trying to keep track of their work.