Pros and Cons For The Brand NEW iOS 7

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

Every one’s been waiting for it, talking about it, and now it’s finally here! The iOS 7 for iPhone’s just came out yesterday September 18. The brand-new operating system is now available. It’s compatible with iPhones 4, 4s, 5, and iTouch 5th generation. Newer the phone model means more new features for the device. It comes with an all new design and all new features. But there are also the basic things like settings control and app layout that still operate the same way. But now they have a newer and more innovative look.  The iOS 7 is like having a brand-new phone, but you’re already familiar with many of the features.

The iOs 7’s newest features include airdrop, control center, multitasking and iTunes Radio. There are also many other improved features in the Safari app, photos, camera and Siri. (Airdrop, Siri and some camera features are not available for iPhone 4) All the built in apps have a new look to them, and many apps found in the app store are updating to be compatible with the iOS 7.

As an iPhone owner myself I really like the new iOS 7. I have the iPhone 4 8GB, and although I like it, I thought that there were many pros and cons. My first con was that the initial update itself needed 2.9 GB of free memory. I had a hard time freeing up memory on my 8GB phone. I had to delete all of my apps, all of my pictures, reset all the settings to default settings, and by the time all of my personal data was gone I still didn’t have enough memory! It was ridiculous. Then, once I finally had enough memory to start the update, it took about 4 hours to complete. Not saying that it will take this long for other phones to update as I’ve heard my friends tell me that they’ve seen someone’s phone update in as little as 10 minutes. Lucky them!

There may be some minor cons, but there are definitely some pros! My big pro is the whole new look of the phone. It makes me feel like I just got a new phone even though I didn’t. Best part, it was FREE! No cost for this new, beautiful operating system. My next pro is the control center. All the basic things are right there with just a slide of your fingertip from the bottom of the screen up. There you can control the brightness, music, turn you’re Bluetooth on or off, Wifi, airplane mode, Do Not Disturb, and portrait orientation. It also includes quick access to the flashlight, timer/stopwatch, calculator and your camera. All your frequently used settings and apps are all in one place! I love it.  Another little thing I love about the iOS 7 is the new ringtones and alert tones. There are many more that are very appealing to the ear and I enjoy them a lot!

Overall I think that Apple did a great job with the new iOS. It’s fun to use, easy to use, and definitely worth the 4 hour wait!