Virtual Learning at Kohala High

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

As small as the school may be, students around campus expand their knowledge just with a few click of a button. Students around Kohala High School are taking their learning environment outside of everyday classrooms, onto online courses. Learning online gives the students many great opportunities.

A lot of advanced placement courses as well as other types of excelled learning courses that are not available from the school are choices for students to take for credit. This gives students the opportunity for expanding their knowledge outside of their everyday classrooms and preparing themselves for post-high school plans.

However, those are not the only courses made available. Junior Riley Uehara takes her learning online class for language, this year being her second year taking up the Japanese language.

Online classes donʻt just help the students wanting to expand their knowledge, it helps students get back on track with credit recovery courses.

The great thing about learning online is that unlike being and learning in the classroom environment, online learning provides students access to the sites wherever there may be internet. This means that students can continue to learn new lessons and learn more things, even out of school. Even with lack of teachers in todayʻs economy, education is thriving at Kohala High School.