Pili A Paʻa Grant

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

This year we’ve been introduced to new faculty members from all over.  A few familiar faces the students have seen around campus are Ms. Cherie Caravalho, Mr. Ross Pagat, and Mr. Jason Muse.  These teachers are basically “long-term substitutes” for the permanent teachers, or otherwise called “replacement teachers”.

These “subs” are funded by the “Pili A Paʻa” grant under the Partners in Development Foundation. Every four weeks, three teachers are pulled out for curriculum development and visit with schools like Honokaʻa, and sometimes Konawaena and Kealakehe, to see how other teachers teach their classes. Janet Graupman and Kristin Poff are the two ladies in charge of the grant at the schools and are the ones that work with the teachers. This grant is really  helpful for teachers because they find new ways to enrich their students knowledge and learning, and work on bettering their teaching techniques and lesson plans. This is the first year the grant has been involved with Kohala High and they hope to be here for about 3-5 more years.

“This grant is good for both the teachers and the students. Teachers find new ways to teach their classes and make use of the state standards in their curriculum, so students can enjoy classes.” said Ms. Caravalho.