Food For Thought

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

There are a lot of extra curricular activities that students around Kohala High School participate in. One of these great-to-have activities is culinary through the Ka Hana Noʻeau Mentorship programs. Group leader Billie Brown meets with the kids every week to experiment with new recipes and expand the knowledge of the participants.

Students joining this year in the culinary mentorship are Chelsea Ventura, Ramon Cubangbang, Eloisa Viernes, Prince Perote, Karisse Cafe-Ayoso, Melanie Sahagun, and Kauanoe Gusman. Students have been putting in long hours and hard work to get everything done. So far, the students go to pick lilikoi, wash and cut it, juice the pulp, and sell the juice. Also, the students have used the lilikoi to make scrumptious lilikoi bars. All this may sound easy, but in a given week the students are committed to putting in 5+ hours to ensure everything is completed.

However, none of this could be put through without their leader, Aunty Billie. Aunty Billie is very organized and plans things so that majority of the students are able to participate in a day’s events. Although some students participate in sports and aren’t able to put in as much hours as others, they are still committed to putting in as much time as they can.  Aunty Billie has made a schedule so that she knows all the students can participate at least one day a week.

Culinary is a great way for the students to bond with one another, as well as an opportunity to learn and try new things. The program helps students to prepare for their future lives wherever they may go; cooking and hardwork is a skill that will have to be used sometime in life eventually. However, along with all the hard work, everyone is able to have a lil’ fun.