Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

Doesnʻt everyone just want phones to be allowed in school? I do! Itʻs pretty obvious that everyone checks their phones in school at least once. I just donʻt wanna get detention and spend two more hours in school. I donʻt wanna be in school much longer than I need to, especially over just having a phone.

Theres always a good side and a bad side to having phones or electronics during school at recesses and in classes. The bad thing about having electronics is that kids could be totally disrespectful and start to tune out their teacher while using them. Iʻm someone who doesnʻt wanna walk down the hallway seeing kids walking around staring at their electronic device and bumping into people. They can fall and hurt themselves or others just because they pay too much attention to their electronic. I donʻt really think students need to text other students in different classes during class. They should be able to wait till recess to see each other.

I would only want phones so that I can text my parents at home if I need something. The walk to the office is a drag just to use the phone and I would have to wait till recess when I need it right away. Teachers donʻt allow students to go during class or be excused from being late from using the school phone and itʻs so annoying. What if I was calling home to bring a book I needed for that class? Teachers shouldnʻt be mad that I donʻt have it because theyʻre not allowing me the chance to get it even if it comes in ten minutes later in the class. Itʻs better than having it than not, right?

Iʻm for the electronics but I think there should be limits. They shouldnʻt be allowed the whole time during class. It should be brought back slowly. We should gain trust and see where it goes from there. A good start would be allowing electronics before school, during recesses and after school.