Quarter One Comes to an End

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Students and teachers of Kohala High School are counting down the days until fall break, which is just a week away. School started off seeming to be slow and every day would drag on forever. Now we’re down just to one more week. Every student has a different outlook on what one week left in the quarter means to them.

Some students like junior Karisse Cafe-Ayoso can’t wait for the quarter to end. She said, “I’m excited because I get to go to Oʻahu during fall break to see family.” One thing every student looks forward to is their break to rest, have fun, and get ready for the second quarter.

Other students like sophomore Matthew Salvador have mixed emotions. He states that, “Only having a week left in school is good but at the same time very hard because you have to make sure you are caught up in all your classes. If not, catching up later during the school year will be even more difficult.”

Although the last week of the first quarter once seemed so far away, it’s now here and students all over Kohala High School are excited yet stressed. However, the end to one quarter means a fresh start to another one.

Goodbye first quarter, hello fall break!