Kohala High, One of the Best High Schools!


Students of Kohala High pose for a school-wide picture at bonding.

Did you know that Kohala High is one of the best high schools in the state? It’s true!

Each year, high schools are measured by No Student Left Behind AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) to determine how well a school is and their progress. This last school year, 2012-2013, was based on new measurements.  In the previous years, AYP graded schools based on student performance in Hawaii State Assessments in reading and math and their graduation rate.  The new measurement system, Strive HI, measures college and career readiness (ACT results, graduation rate, and college attendance) and , how well their achievement gap is, student achievement and student growth percentile.  The goal in using this new system Strive HI is college and career readiness and to use it as a guide to identify where the school needs to work on to get them college and career ready.

With Strive HI, our results came back with ranking Kohala High 6th in the state for all public high schools, 2nd on the island, and 1st in the West Hawaii Complex Area! Way to go Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Our principal Janette Snelling has been super proud of our school. “I believe that at Kohala High we have students with the highest potential.  I want students to understand that we will will do everything we can to help them realize their potential.  With student commitment we will achieve continued success.”

E Ala E Nā Paniolo!