New Quarter, New Rules!

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Every student at Kohala High School is familiar with the school rule that phones aren’t allowed whether it’s in class, during passing and recess, or after school. It’s been like this for a few years now, with both supporters and protesters of faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff attended a meeting to vote on whether phones should be re-allowed, but now the responsibility is all on the students.

For the second quarter phones are going to be able to used. However, it’s restricted to certain uses, and the students are going to have to show that their technologies are being used correctly and appropriately. Phone use will be allowed in-class for educational purposes. This means that students will have to come to terms with their teachers on exactly what kinds of things they’ll be able to do for certain classes or assignments. Students will also be able to use their devices once the end-of-school bell rings, unless required to attend tutoring. Usually a student wouldn’t be able to use their phones on campus, even after school hours have been completed.

Although the students are being given this privilege that many were waiting and hoping for, they have to make sure to use this opportunity responsibly. Teachers will be monitoring any making sure that students are misusing their devices and will be reporting on how they are doing. If use of technology is used correctly, third quarter will allow even more opportunities with phone use. However, if misused, privileges will be taken away once again.

There is a new quarter with new rules, and now it’s in the hands of the students to show that they are truly ready for this change.