It’s Been a Tough Season

Mohala Kaholoa'a-Kumukoa, Reporter

Volleyball has been a tough season for us. We had our ups and downs. Girls break down, cry, fight with each other, and we just get mad at each other on the court. We went through a lot of team meetings sitting down, making a circle, and telling each other our problems. After we go through it, it makes the team better, but it starts all over again.

I guess that’s just how our team is – a hate love relationship. One day we’ll have a good practice and some days we have really bad practices. Everyday we push to practice and try to make the best out of it. None of us give up, well none of the seniors do because its our last time playing high school volleyball.

The underclassman see us as leaders so if the seniors break down, they probably will too. The underclassmen look up to us. Talking on the court will make them talk too. If we don’t, the court will be quiet and we might get punished and I don’t want that to happen. We need to get these underclassman ready for next year because we won’t be there and they will have to take over.

As each day goes by we grow as a team and become stronger. I just want to finish this season well and not think negative because some of us are so over it that we want to quite or just want to play the next sport already, but to me volleyball is my passion. I might hate it at times, but when I’m on the court I ain’t gonna give up, and I play my hardest. So does everyone else.