Electronics Ban Lifted?

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

There’s a rumor going around that the electronics ban will NOT continue starting next quarter. Could this be true? According to some teachers they have been talking about lifting the ban on electronics in their meetings but nothing was confirmed.

A teacher recently talked to a class about the ban being lifted starting this upcoming quarter. The teacher explained what was planned to happen. The lifting of the ban would allow students to use their electronics (smartphones, tablets, etc.) during class time for educational purposes. This will only be when their teacher permits it. If the student was found using it when not permitted it still can be taken away.

The ban would also allow students to use their electronic devices after school as soon as the bell rings. The teacher explained that if this were to go well and the students were to obey and respect the new privilege, then students would get more privileges. After 2nd quarter,  electronics would be permitted for use during recesses, and outside of class time.

If this little rumor actually comes out to be true, students might eventually be able to use their phones, iPods, etc. in school during recess. Only thing the students need to do now is to obey the new rule! So encourage fellow classmates to be pono and be appreciative of this privilege!