Cross Country Update

With a new school year comes another opportunity to succeed. This is the very mindset shared by the runners of the Kohala High cross country team as they further train in preparation of the BIIF championships. When asked his opinion of the team’s progress, veteran runner Koa Bartsch stated “The team has grown in many ways. Not only have we grown in speed and strength. Every day we see the team get a little closer.” In the hopes of developing their runner mindsets, the team has even participated in various Imagery exercises with Mr. Leitner.

With over 200 runners in each race, competition gets very intense. In order to succeed, runners literally need to “Push themselves the extra mile.” This means that the cross country team will need to intensify their workouts as the season progresses. Many of the runners are new to the sport, while some runners are returning for their 3rd season.

The chances of Kohala Highs School being represented at states by both male and female runners are very high. Although the main training philosophy and goals of the team’s cross country coaches may not be to develop the fastest runners in the state. They have nothing but the best intentions for the team by making the development of healthy life long runners their top priority.