Government Shutdown 101

On October 1st, the United States government entered a shutdown. Here are 5 things you should know about the government shutdown.

1.) What is a government shutdown?
A government shutdown happens when the Congress fails to pass spending bills which fund government programs and agencies. This doesn’t mean that the government stops working altogether. The government just shuts down all unnecessary programs such as funding to the National Parks services. No need to lose any sleep, necessary services like the United States military are still hard at work.

2.) Why did the the US government enter a shutdown?
The government shutdown has it’s roots in Obamacare. Most house Democrats support Obamacare, while house Republicans generally oppose it. Congress is in charge of passing spending bills that would fund government programs such as Obamacare, but House Republicans have refused to pass a bill that would support the health care program. The disagreement between the two parties has resulted in the first government shutdown in the past 17 years.

3.) What is Obamacare?
Obamacare is the common nickname of a law called the Affordable Care Act. It was signed into law by President Obama with the hopes of increasing the affordability of health insurance, and lower the amount of uninsured Americans. It is complicated and has caused a lot of controversy.

4.) Why do many Democrats support Obamacare?
Many Democrats support Obamacare because the amount of uninsured Americans in the United States is very high. Healthcare can be very expensive, so many people support free & affordable healthcare via government. Not all Democrats support the law, but it is very popular amongst party members.

5.) Why do many Republicans oppose Obamacare?
Many Republicans oppose Obamacare because it is evident that the more power the government obtains, the more liberties the people lose. Obamacare also funds programs that conflict with Christian doctrine, and would make it law for religious institutions to violate their morals. Places of worship are exempt, but numerous Christian schools and hospitals are not.

The bottom line is that the US government is torn on whether or not Obamacare is the best solution for the American people. This has resulted in a government shutdown. The country may not be in the best of situations, but things could be worse.