Stress Less!

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Stress is never a good thing, especially at a young age. Take a look at these simple steps to “stressing less“. You never know…it might help!

Number one: dance it out. Everyone loves a good random dance session right? It’s fun and it gets the blood flowing!

Number two: try and go for a walk to get your mind off of everything. Clear the negativity, that’s one of the biggest steps to stressing less in my opinion.

Third: talk about it. Your problems, your thoughts. If you need to scream then scream! Whatever type of communication works best for you, do it! Talking about things makes a huge difference. You’ll feel super duper relieved. Speaking from personal experience, bottling up emotions is not the greatest idea. You’ll crack and BOOM there goes everything.

Fourth: go to bed earlier! Get some rest for the upcoming day. You’ll feel revived and ready for anything, like a pop quiz ha-ha-ha! Fifth, breathe. Ah breathing…beautiful, beautiful thing isn’t it? You should always remember to breathe in a harsh situation, or just in general.

Sixth: focus on what you CAN control. I won’t even talk about what you can’t control.

Seventh: reminisce about the good times. It’s always good to do that. Bring some positive vibes back into your life!

Eighth: ask for a good ol’ hug! Hugs make life easier I promise you that. HUGS ARE THE BEST.

Ninth: look for opportunities in life’s challenges and make things interesting!

And last but not least, smile okay? Everything will be alright.