Project Grad Fundraising

This year’s seniors, the class of 2014, are gearing up for much to come. Along with applying to colleges, looking for scholarship opportunities, making sure to be passing all their classes, etc., one important thing to this class is funding for project grad! Project grad gives the students an opportunity to stay safe for the night while being able to enjoy each others company before everyone heads off onto their own ways after graduation.

So far the seniors have hosted a car wash and rummage sale which was hosted at the Kapaʻau Town Center on Sunday, September 27, 2013. The weather worked perfectly with clear skies and a shining sun. Somewhere between 60 and 70 cars showed up, and along with the rummage sale, the senior class was able to earn over $1000. But it doesn’t stop there. Currently the class is working towards selling tickets for a haunted house and dance. There will also be a donation for a lucky drawing for a television!

Every month, the class plans on obtaining more funds for their project grad. A thousand dollars may seem like a lot alone, but to create good events and a fun time the senior class has much more to work for.