Carpe Diem in Paradise!

Sometimes we take living in Hawaii for granted. The great outdoors is a beautiful resource for entertainment. The Island has lush valleys, rolling hills, pristine beaches, and tropical rain forests. Because of this, finding something to do isn’t very difficult. Here are a few ideas for those of you who want to carpe diem in paradise.

1.) Go camping!

Be it down at the beach, up in the mountains, or in the middle of a forest; camping offers a golden opportunity for bonding with friends & family. When out camping, you cook, eat, play, and pretty much do everything with those accompanying you. Camping also allows you to have an excuse to do other activities.

2.) Hit the beach!

There’s a reason Hawaii attracts so many tourists. It should be a no surprise that going to the beach is on a list of things to do in Hawaii. People literally spend years saving up for a trip to Hawaii just so they can experience the white sandy beaches. And you live less than half an hour away from Hapuna. Guys love girls with a nice tan, and who doesn’t love cool refreshing waters of the Pacific? Don’t forget about all the activities like fishing and surfing either.

3.) Take on a hike!

Hiking is a great way to take in Hawaii’s beauty, snap a couple of nice pictures, and get in some exercise all at once. Take a trip out to Polulu, Upolu, Iole, or anywhere along the Kohala coast. All you need to enjoy a hike is some water, a decent pair of shoes, and maybe a few snacks and company. Always remember to let someone know where you’re headed though.

4.) Try geocaching!

If the other three activities are growing a little stale, you can always try geocaching. Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt with a gps. What you do is basically look for a cache set up by someone by using gps coordinates. You may never know what location you might find. So for those of you who like to think, don’t mind a hike, and like the idea of exploring new areas, geocaching may be for you.

Whatever you do, don’t play it stupid.