Water Polo to Make an Entrance

Kassie Kometani, Editor

The 2012-2013 school year brought back a long-missed sport to Kohala High: swimming. The first team in 6 years for Kohala was coached by Jeffrey Coakley. The team of two girls and four boys did an outstanding job in putting Kohala High School back on the map for swimming.

So why not introduce another water sport? This was just the thought of Jeffrey Coakley when he contemplated the idea of a girls water polo team. Kohala High School has never had a water polo team so offering it would be a new experience for the school. Coakley proposed the notion of a team to Athletic Director Laurie Koustik and she seemed excited about the idea.  Water polo is a spring sport so Koustik hopes to have sign-ups available in the spring of 2015.  Unfortunately there is only a girls league for water polo on the island. Several schools already have water polo teams such HPA, Konawaena, Kealakehe, Kamehameha, Hilo, and Waikea.

Water polo is not an entirely new thing to Kohala, however. For many years community water polo games were held at the Kamehameha park pool once a week. The games were informal and open to all. The pool was able to host these casual games thanks to a county-given net and water polo caps.  Lack of interest and numbers caused the end of the water polo games over time.

Coakley hopes to revive the sport once again but now at Kohala High School. The team will need a minimum of eight players and Coakley is hoping some of his upcoming high school swimmers will be up for the sport.

A coach for the new team has yet to be decided.