2013-2014 Social Court Nominations

Kassie Kometani, Editor

Nothing gets students more excited for upcoming events than nominating their fellow peers for social courts. This week nominations were held during recess and gave students an opportunity to nominate classmates. They were able to nominate any boy and girl for the WinterBall court, Homecoming court, and Prom court. Nominations will end today and voting will take place on October 25th. Each class votes for their own attendants. WinterBall has one couple for each grade as well as an extra senior boy and girl to be King and Queen. The same applies for Homecoming. This year however, instead of voting for Prom King and Queen next week, all prom-goers will vote at the actual Prom. A court of two junior couples and three senior couples will still be chosen but King and Queen will be undecided.

Nominations and voting encourages class spirit throughout the school. It allows students to participate in some healthy competition and campaign for their desired spots. Everyone will be looking forward to the upcoming voting and highly anticipate the results!