New Privileges, Not Much Use?

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

As second quarter started, the new phone privileges began. This would provide students the opportunity to use their phones in class for educational purposes. But, is it being used widely by students around Kohala High?

Personally for me, I only get to have phone use in a maximum of two periods out of seven, sometimes. I understand that with this privilege there are still restrictions, but technology provides new and improved ways for students to learn. In my opinion it feels as if the “only with teacher permission” restriction makes teachers not want to even experiment with the new privileges the students are offered.

However, on the bright side I feel like this restriction is useful for the students benefits. With less phone use, that means less people are misusing their technology, furthermore meaning that we as students have a better chance of receiving more privileges for the third quarter.

Every one can look at this through different perspectives, and mine just happens to be that although we have new privileges, we don’t get to use them often.