Throwback Dance

Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

It finally came, the back to school dance. It was held last Thursday October 17, 2013 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. It was not in the gym, but in the Cafeteria. A small wave of people came at 6:00  then the rest of the crowd started rolling in at 7:00. The theme was “Throwback Thursday” but only a few dressed according to the theme. The music started out totally old school, songs that I didnʻt even know. It was really disco and 80s kind of music. Then it got modern throughout the dance. The songs that got people to dance last year werenʻt allowed to play any longer so people werenʻt always dancing. There was a concession on the side of the cafeteria. They sold juice and hotdog for a dollar. Overall it was a successful dance.