KPG 2014 Fundraiser #2

The class of 2014 brings their second project grad night fundraiser to an end, almost.

For the month of October, the class of 2014 has been working on selling tickets for a haunted house. The haunted house is being hosted on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The public is welcome to come and join in this event, with only a $3.00 entree fee. For the middle and high schoolers of Kohala, there is also a dance to follow. The pre-sale tickets for both the haunted house and dance was $5.00 and paying at the door will cost $6.00. Along with the haunted house and dance there is a lucky drawing for a nice big flat screen T.V. These tickets were recommended to be purchased around $10.00, but it was a donation price.

The class is excited for project grad, but they know they have to work for it. This fundraiser was only the second, and 2014 has much more planning and events to look forward too.