Individual and Team Sports in one Season

Did you know that many other schools have the rule that you’re allowed to play two sports in one season? But they have to be a team and an individual sport. Here at Kohala High this rule, sadly, does not apply. It’s a shame because there are many students who are talented in multiple sports.

It’s understandable that certain students shouldn’t be able to participate in more than one sport in a season because of their grades becoming out of focus. But there are also students that have outstanding grades that don’t have the option to play the two sports.

Having this option here at Kohala High School could possibly benefit the sports teams a lot. If some students that only play individual sports, like swimming or track and field, could also play a team sport. Then the team sports would have more players. We wouldn’t have situations where there aren’t enough students for certain sports. Our athletic teams would maybe be more successful having new players that could find their hidden talents if they had the chance.