Graduation Preparation

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

It’s the last second quarter of high school for the class of 2014, and they are already having to think about their caps and gowns. For many of the  students, it didn’t really hit them that they’re walking the line and graduating soon until they met with their Josten’s representative, Gregory Bachran.

Unlike the usual black and yellow caps and gowns for graduation, the class of 2014 held a vote to choose between two different colors. They could either choose from having black and yellow, or all white. The results were shown during the Josten’s presentation, and *drum roll* white won! Both boys and girls will be walking down the line looking pure and clean in their white caps and gowns.

Mr. Bachran also talked about a couple of other things concerning graduation such as announcements and class rings. During his presentation, he also played a couple of slideshows that really sunk deep into the hearts and minds of 2014. Soon, the seniors would be off to their different colleges and careers. They will be traveling all over the world to their many destinations. It may seem like awhile more till the seniors graduate, but we all know time flies. Within a heart beat high school will only be a memory for the class of 2014.