KHS Publications Pie Fundraiser

Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

Kohala High School’s Publications classes are fundraising by selling Holy’s Bakery Pies. You can purchase these pies from any yearbook or broadcasting student. The two classes are fundraising for upgraded equipment, such as computers and cameras. There are four different types of eight-inch pies being sold: apple, pumpkin, buttered apple and buttered pear. The apple and pumpkin are being sold for $10. The buttered apple and buttered pear are being sold for $12. These pies are being sold at good prices. If you get one at the store, $12 is only the sale price and yet you still have to bake it. If you buy the pie from one of the students, you’ll be able to pick it up already baked and ready to serve for Thanksgiving. It’s less of a hassle to have to buy ingredients to make a pie and bake it. This is the perfect opportunity to get a ready made pie and not have to worry about baking one for Thanksgiving the next day.

The pies being fundraised will be ready for pick up the day before Thanksgiving November 27th at the home economics room from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  Get your pies now and it’ll be one less thing to worry about!